About Us

Our Counsellors are all fully qualified in their respective fields, and also regularly undertake further training and academic learning.  In other words:  we're good at what we do, and we're always working to get better.  In addition, each of us is a member of a professional regulatory body (predominately the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, the BACP), and undergoes regular supervision to ensure we offer our clients the best therapeutic experience possible.


Daniel Hand

Daniel is a Psychodynamic and Person-Centred counsellor who likes to take a gentle approach with his clients, helping them to feel safe and making sure they don't become overwhelmed by their emotions.  He has worked extensively with people who have experienced intense trauma such as rape or domestic abuse; individuals who have endured substance addiction; and those who suffer from various life-affecting health conditions (for example, epilepsy and chronic pain). He also has experience working with children and young adults, as well as those older clients who remain haunted by childhood experiences (such as bereavement, abuse or a breakdown in their parents' relationship). Whatever their circumstances or background, Daniel provides a warm, caring environment where clients can truly be themselves and discover who they want to be in their own lives.


Jordan Gooding

Hello, my name is Jordan and I am an integratively trained therapist. What this means for you is that therapy will be tailored to meet your wants and needs by use of different therapeutic theories and interventions. I am available to you to work open ended or for a specified amount of sessions. My previous experience includes working with Adults, Young People and Children in a variety of different settings including schools. My offer to you is that we can work together to create a safe space where we can experience and explore your thoughts and feelings to improve your overall mental and physical health. I am passionate about how therapy can change our lives for the better and welcome you to begin the journey here, with Reading Counsellors. 


Pauline Toussaint

Pauline is a trained psychotherapist who is passionate about helping and supporting her clients to overcome experiences that are getting in the way of them being their true selves. She provides a warm, caring environment where clients feel heard and listened to. She uses Psychotherapy to work with clients to understand their pasts in order to support them in the present and future; she also uses CBT to help with any behaviours or thinking that is keeping them stuck. Pauline has been on her own journey of transformation and was able to overcome the difficulties that kept her stuck for many years--with time and care, she can help you to do the same.

Pauline is also a trained Life Coach and will use Life Coaching tools when she feels it will benefit the client.


Katharine Owen

Katharine is an Integrative counsellor who has a great deal of experience working with individuals on the autism spectrum, helping clients feel as safe and grounded as possible and letting them take the lead in their own therapy.  Once clients have settled into the counselling environment, Katharine helps them to clarify exactly what their issues look and feel like to them (for no two clients experience issues the same way) and to discover the person who is underneath--the strong individual who has survived all life has thrown at them, and who doesn't need to be defined by their struggles.  With time and care, clients can learn to take care of themselves, and use what they learn in counselling to greatly improve their ways of life.  Sometimes, counselling can be a bit like a rollercoaster, and so Katharine takes things slow and steady, making sure her clients are supported through both the ups and the downs of their journey.